La Casa Vicina
Sweet 16 Open Buffet
$22.95 per person

        Apps: Choose three from the following:

Ø Meatballs

Ø Aranchini

Ø Mozzarella sticks

Ø Chicken Fingers

Ø Stuffed Eggplant

Ø Stuffed Mushrooms

Ø Caprece

        Pasta: Choose one from the following:

Ø Rigatoni Sausage Ragu

Ø Penne Vodka

Ø Spinach Ravioli porcini cream sauce

        Chicken: Choose one from the following:

Ø Chicken Limon

Ø Chicken Parmigiano

Ø Chicken Marsala

        Sides: Choose one from the following:

Ø Roasted Potatoes

Ø French Fries

Ø Mixed Veggies

Additional Information:

·        There is a minimum guarantee policy on all bookings.

·        A down payment is required when booking a party. This is non-refundable.

·        The room is included for up to 4 hours (Ask about additional time).

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